Millions of Americans suffer from PTSD

The new RTM treatment protocol can change their lives. Over 90% of the veterans in the first two research studies who received the RTM treatment had complete cessation of nightmares, flashbacks, and the emotional problems related to their traumatic memories. Here are some of their stories.

Post Treatment Testimonials

Client 4028

Client 4028- scores on PCL-M (see more on PCL-M here) went from 74(intake) to 20 (2 wk) to 19 (6 mo) to 17 (1 yr). PSSI scores went from 44(intake) to 3 (2 wk) to 2 (6 mo) to 0 (1 yr). Observe how these low scores have been maintained for 365 + days.

Here is what Client 4028 had to say at 1 year check in: “The trauma events no longer interfere in my life anymore. They are a non-issue. It blows my mind. It’s like what happened? I am no longer triggered and no more nightmares that I was experiencing 3-4 times a week. I no longer have a sense of loss and tragedy. Now when I contact vets from my unit in Iraq it is not out of sadness but out of caring for my team mates. Since the treatment everything has changed in my personal and work life. I am no longer preoccupied with keeping my emotions at bay. Before I was afraid to even touch that box without worry that a bomb was about to go off. This created a lot of avoidance as things were just too sensitive. This kept me from getting to know people. Now I am more open including with my close relationship (husband). Before I felt I had to keep certain parts of myself off limits as it was easier and cleaner to keep it all inside and I did not want to burden someone else as they may not understand. I thank you everyday.”

Over 90% of the veterans in the first two research studies who received the RTM treatment had complete cessation of nightmares, flashbacks, and the emotional problems related to their traumatic memories.

1/22/16. Client 4001, Age 41, Two Rape Events

“I can speak about the events without anxiety, in detail, without fear. I’m sleeping through the night now. I am not as focused on the past. I have more self-confidence, more self-esteem. My doctor is taking me off lithium because my mood is more stable. It was valuable to do the three treatment sessions because my life now feels worthwhile.”

1/4/16. Client 4004, Age 22, Gang Rape

“I have been more willing to go out. I am more comfortable around others I do not know, and not on guard. My boyfriend says I look happier and calmer. I feel more relaxed and happy. I am sleeping throughout the night. Now during conversations I am present instead of wandering off mentally.”

1/25/16. Client 4003, Age 28, Two Rape Events

“I have more better days more often as well as being myself. I have been more outgoing at home. My husband says, “Who are you? I like this.” I laugh and have fun. I am the complete opposite of depressed. I am now allowing myself to go to public places more often. I am more aware and confident of what my abilities are. I am getting things done. I am less dependent on my husband and can go and do without waiting on him to come with me.”

“I’ve been sleeping better. Before doing Protocol treatment, nightmares would wake me up every night. Now I am sleeping through the night. I stopped driving three years ago after returning from Afghanistan because of what happened there. Now I am driving around town and am not even thinking about it. It’s like how I was driving before deployed. I’m getting out more often in public. I’m less quick to jump to anger with my son. Prior to doing this treatment, I was very irritable. Now I’m doing things I like to do and more relaxed.”

“I feel more relaxed…like a free spirit. It’s not a big deal for me to go out to the store anymore. I feel lighter, more like myself when I look in the mirror.”

“Before it was as if the event was part of me. Now my inner dialogue is much better. I’m not putting myself down. I’m regaining my independence and not afraid to leave the house.”

“My sleeping is a lot better. I am not as suspicious when yard guys come along. I noticed I have not gotten upset or anxious when conflict arises. My over-eating has gone down. I am now not worrying and more organized in my thoughts.” Six Week follow-up: “I feel normal again. A huge weight has been lifted. It’s amazing. The trauma has healed itself. Now I am at the gym and I see men and know they are working out and that is it. I was Ok when men looked at my chest. Before I would go in the locker room and cry. Now I am seeing men’s bodies and know it does not mean “sex.” I just admired cut, toned muscles. Two week ago when I was at the VA, I heard a Marine corp guy say “I have a good whore” and instead of running away, my heart sank and then I moved on and was Ok. With my Latino gardeners (Sexual Assault was by Columbian Army man) I am self protective yet my mind does not go to rape. The anxiety is gone. Before I would worry about car accidents. Now I am OK on the roads. My son is saying, “mom you seem happy.” I am sailing and socializing more and not isolating as much. Now I follow my instinct instead of overreacting. I used to be in a fog a lot. Now my thinking is crystal clear. It’s like I am smart again. Before I had difficulty paying attention. It’s like a pipe cleaner cleaned out my neural pathways.”

“My friends say I seem a lot happier and more confident. I feel stronger.”

“I am now able to do things I have not done in 36 years like going on an elevator and walking on the second level of the mall. I am able to watch people falling in movies and have no more of that nasty nightmare I have had for 35 years of a loud sound coming closer and closer and waking me up. I am sleeping through the night which is big for me. This is a major change because I would always wake up in the middle of the night and not get back to sleep.”

“People tell me I am calmer. I don’t wake up gasping for air or freaking out. Hypervigilance is way down. I was ok sitting in a restaurant with my back to the wall. I’m feeling lighter with greater self-control and not as angry. A glass broke at the restaurant and I did not re-live the windshield breaking in the car accident as I would in the past.”

“My co-workers say I look so much more calm and not tense at all. I notice I am so much more confident. Before treatment I could not enjoy any activity on the outside. I would be like a shadow behind my son, monitoring his every action. Now we are going out and having fun. I am no longer scared at work on base.”

“People have remarked on my better sense of humor. I’m not as cloudy in my head. I have better concentration and it is easier to get things done. I am more adult and functional. I am able to work on mending my friendships.”

RTM Protocol: Initial Research Study Testimonials

Client 3018 8/11/15.

“I was shocked at how quickly the RTM Protocol neutralized events that had been weighing me down since I returned from Iraq. I was having frequent flashbacks and nightmares. No more flashbacks and nightmares. I’m sleeping better. At work I am able to focus better and accomplish tasks. I’m no longer afraid to go places. I put myself out there and am more talkative and social.”

Client 3032 9/21/15.

“I used to sit in the dark all day and go over and over the trauma. After treatment with the RTM Protocol, my wife says I am a lot happier. Another friend I have known for six years and see every Sunday says I look and sound so much happier. I feel more alive. No more daymares and nightmares…and the nightmare I have had for the past 40 years have stopped.”

“I am sleeping better and less fatigued. I have more energy. My kids see I am more actively engaged with them. I spend more time with them and have more energy for them.”

“Before the treatment, I just did not care about myself or my life. It was as if there was nothing to look forward to. After treatment, I feel calmer, more relaxed and laid back person and not as nervous and tense around the house. I wake up with a “zest for life.” Before I would hesitate to do things and socialize. Now I have no discomfort in grocery stores or crowded places and like talking to people. Now I know where I want to go and what I want to do. I am focused on to move in a continued positive direction. I am happy and excited about renewing friendships and am getting back with my tournament fishing partner who I called after our third treatment and had not spoken to in 20 years.”

“After three treatments I feel different. I have stopped carrying around the duffel bag of misery. I no longer have a recurring nightmare I have been having for the past 30 years. I feel more positive and feel like my future is in my hands in whichever direction I take. I’ve noticed if I put out good vibes and self-confidence, it is reciprocated. I’m not going to sit still and feel depressed anymore. I just got a new job and I attribute this to the work I did with the RTM Protocol.”

“I notice a difference in myself. I was sitting around depressed and apathetic and angry about events in Iraq. Instead of having terrible flashbacks, I now think of the event as just a memory. I feel more enjoyment of life and am starting my own business. I have started a golf program…something I would have never done prior to the treatment.”

“Four friends have told me “I am more clear looking.” I’m not as angry. And, I am more focused with Toastmasters and school because my mind is not rattling on with other stuff.”

“I am more low key about things and getting more relaxed and mellow. The event we worked with is like a distant memory if I take time to remember it …which I don’t. I feel like a man who was walking through a desert and came upon a waterfall and felt clean after coming out on the other side. Doing this treatment got me out of a rut!”

“I have less concern and less consideration of the events we worked on. When my wife asked me what we had been working on in the study I told her for the first time what happened overseas….and I’ve been married 28 years.”

“I feel better and the therapy really helped. I’m less tense and sleeping better with no nightmares. I now have the ability to talk about things I’ve never talked about.”

“My PTS symptoms have decreased to mild according to my VA Counselor. I feel good and I don’t have any guilt or remorse anymore. I feel like I can proceed without any baggage.”

“I used to keep everyone shut out. I am more social now, even in school. I feel freer and no longer have paranoid feelings about an impending explosion. My wife and kids see I am not stuck anymore and withdrawn. I feel freer and more involved in life.”

“People are saying I am doing well and seeming more happy. I am not as drawn to news about conflict. I am more focused on living and feeling less stuck and trapped.”

“My wife notices I am more calm and more participation in family events. The hair on my arms does not rise anymore. I no longer anticipate something going wrong or fearing a reaction.”

“After completing the RTM treatments I am not nearly as angry. I am no longer going off by myself and smoking and drinking. I am more willing to invest emotionally in my wife and our marriage. My flashbacks and obsessive behavior have stopped.”

“Everybody…my wife, kids, instructors at school, even parents who I talk to on the phone when I talk to on the phone. I am a happier person and feel like I can move forward in my relationships and business.”

“I have been stressed due to an upcoming heart operation. Usually this would trigger my military-related nightmares and now they do not. In terms of flashbacks I am good now and don’t have any.”

“Doing the Protocol was a big “Wow” for me. I was unable to sleep, walk down hallways without thinking someone would shoot me or enjoy playing with my daughter without feeling guilty. Now I am able to laugh and joke like I used to before deployment. I’m sleeping well throughout the night and my wife no longer has to walk on eggshells. I even went to a San Diego Chargers game recently and felt comfortable ….something I could have never done prior to the RTM treatments.”

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