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October 14, 2020

November 4, 2020

Zoom + Online Classroom RTM Training

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RTM is an advanced PTSD & Trauma protocol. Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) Therapy is a treatment designed to meet the needs of those dealing with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.

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RTM Protocol Therapy

(Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories)

RTM Protocol therapy is a non-drug, non-traumatizing treatment that reprograms the neurological connection between the brain’s feeling center and specific traumatic memories.

"...For our community, RTM has the potential to change the game. It is not only cost effective but clinically effective, countering the high cost of PTSD and its impact."

– Amanda S. Davison. CEO, The Family Connection LLC


RTM Training will include everything a clinician will need to successfully deliver the RTM protocol:

Explanation of RTM and the basic neuroscience behind the success of it

Demonstration of the RTM protocol

Thorough explanation of the RTM Script and how to use RTM

Numerous practice sessions throughout the training and by the end, every clinician will have demonstrated at least 1 or 2 successful RTM Protocol.

Clinicians will be equipped to use the RTM Protocol the day after initial 4 day training.

For certification, each clinician will be supervised by a trainer and complete 2 successful cases of RTM including 3 sessions with pre and post assessments. This will be completed within 3 months of the training.

What is RTM Protocol Therapy?

  • It requires 3 to 4, ninety minute therapy sessions.
  • Sessions are clinician-led during which the client sits in a comfortable chair and visualizes pictures on an imagined movie screen in a way that separates the traumatic memories from the traumatic feelings.
  • The sessions require no homework or practice outside the therapy sessions.
  • Clients remain completely relaxed and comfortable while they construct the images on the imagined movie screen during the treatments.
  • The treatments completely eliminate traumatic nightmares, flashback and directly related emotional problems for over 90% of clients.
  • After RTM therapy, people can remember past traumatic events with no traumatic feelings.

What are the goals of RTM?

  • Alleviate flashbacks and nightmares.
  • Eliminate re-living stressful events, including negative physical reactions like sweating, muscular tensions and heart pounding.
  • Improved sleep, concentration, emotional control.
  • Reduced hyper-vigilance.
  • Increased freedom in thought and action.

Who is eligible to attend the training?

Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Mental Health Professionals working under the supervision of a LMHP. This program is an intermediate level course with 24.5 CEs offered for Mental Health Professionals  (Eligibility does vary by clinicians state of certification).

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